Berkey Water Level Spigot – Why You Need The Sight Glass

I have a Royal Berkey Water Filter. I bought a water level spigot accessory. Not right away, but after using the system for awhile.

Do you want to know why I bought the sight glass spigot and why you should too? (assuming you already have a Berkey, or are thinking about it…)


If you don’t have a see-though ‘sight glass’ level spigot, there’s only one way to know how much water is in there. You can’t see though stainless steel!

You need to lift and raise the upper reservoir and look down inside the bottom reservoir.

It’s not a big deal. However it can be… especially if there’s water in the upper reservoir that’s still gravity-filtering through the elements (water is kinda heavy).

A hand on each side of the upper reservoir, securely holding and lifting. Guess what happens on a nice shiny stainless steel exterior? Hand prints! Can’t have that, right? So out comes the cloth to clean it.

But here’s another (more important) reason why you want the Berkey water level spigot… Ask me how I know…

Guess what happens when you over-estimate and add too much water to the upper reservoir? You’re going to get water oozing out of the seam between the upper and lower portions. And that’s gonna make a mess!

It’s totally worth it…

It won’t take long and you’re willing to shell out some bucks for the Berkey water level spigot!

Here’s mine:

Berkey Water Level Spigot Why You Need The Sight

TIP: To help know how much water to add to your Berkey. First, know how much water is the max for your model. My Royal model holds 3.25 gallons. Call it 3 for simplicity. As you can see in the picture above, the water level sight glass indicates just about half full. Which means I could add another 1.5 gallons up top if I wanted to.

How to install the Berkey water level spigot

It’s pretty darn easy. But you simply need to know which rubber washer goes on the outside and which one on the inside. Plus (important!) do not overtighten! Just good and hand tight – no wrench…

Here’s a quick “how to” from our buddy Jeff over at

Which Berkey Water Level Spigot Do I Need?

They make three different sizes (height). Here’s a quick reference:

  • 7.5” for Travel Berkey®️ & Big Berkey®️
  • 10” for Royal Berkey®️ & Imperial Berkey®️
  • 13” for Crown Berkey®️
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“This accessory serves as a replacement for the standard spigot that comes with the Berkey®️ system, along with an upgrade: an aluminum and glass water level gauge, allowing you to see at a glance how much water remains in the stainless steel lower chamber.”

Manufactured in the USA.

I suggest that you purchase yours from “the Berkey Guy”, a long time sponsor here who is running a small family business right here in the good ‘ol USA.

>> Berkey Water Level Accessory

USA Berkey Filters

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