Food In Your Vehicle – What’s Best For 72 Hour Survival Kit?

survival food in your vehicle

Do you keep any ‘survival’ food in your vehicle?
Is it more than just a few snacks for while on the road?

I’ve posted a number of articles on 72-hour kits to be kept in one’s vehicle along with suggestions for items that you might include.

One important item is food.

While the vast majority of circumstances will benefit from simply having a snack, you don’t want to overlook having some substantial food too.

There are some hypothetical scenarios whereby you might not have the luxury of stopping at a fast food joint, grocery store, or other establishment to get some food. And it’s good to consider this for preparedness while on the road.

I do keep a variety of foods in my truck as part of my 72-hour kit. I also rotate this food during the year to avoid spoilage.

It’s especially important to rotate given the summer heat that can build up inside the vehicle which greatly reduces it’s shelf life.

With that in mind, let’s think about what specific foods or types of emergency food might be better suited for keeping in your vehicle.

– Snacks
– Calories
– Balance


Snack Food In Your Vehicle

This is what you will likely semi-regularly dip into. A quick little snack.

For this purpose I keep a handful of ordinary food bars of various flavors, brands, and variety.

I keep them in a Gallon size Ziploc bag which I store in the center console. They’re out of direct sun that way. Although they still get good and warm during the summer, I do rotate them indoors after awhile.

Note: The soft gooey type food bars will melt in the heat. To avoid this you might focus on the granola type (harder) bars.

Note: Food bars will run anywhere from 100 calories to several hundred each.


Calorie Foods In Your Vehicle 72-hour kit

While you will be much less likely to actually consume these (reserved for actual emergency or SHTF or bugout), you should consider counting enough calories for 3 days (general rule of thumb).

That’s potentially a lot. You’re looking at 2,000 calories per day.

So how are we going to come up with enough food that will actually fit somewhere in the vehicle without getting in the way?

I’ll tell you what I do…

I keep an assortment of MRE’s, specific high calorie food bars, some cans of chicken, even some peanut butter which is very high in calories (energy food!). Can opener, fork & spoon too.

3,600 calories x 3
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Balance of Food

Pay attention to the calories so you have enough.

Also go with some variety and balance. Maybe some sweets too (a quick boost).

where to keep food in your vehicle

Where to store the food in your vehicle

This can be tricky. A smaller vehicle has less room than a big truck (for example). Be creative. Nooks and cavities here and there? Use them!

I keep a backpack in the truck with some of my other emergency kit supplies (and some more food). I simply keep it on the floor in the back seat. You could use the trunk.

Tip: My water (except during the winter) is kept in a cooler on the floor in the back. Surprisingly the water bottles don’t get hot in there.

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Okay, so any other ideas for ‘survival food’ that might be better than others to keep in the car, truck, or vehicle?

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