Have More Than One Handgun? Do This For Better Home Security


Many firearm owners own more than one. Some people own many. If you happen to own more than one handgun, then here is a simple piece of advice to better protect your home…

Unless you carry all the time in your home, consider keeping your handguns in the several locations where you spend more of your time.

It sounds like common sense, but how many of you do this?

Don’t keep them all in one place in one safe. Here’s why…

IF you ever need to access quickly, you will only be as quick as the distance you are away from your firearm.

While home intrusions do happen and home burglary does happen while residents are home, it is statistically rare for any one person if you average all of us together in our homes. Obviously some neighborhoods and regions are more risky than others, but all it takes is ONE TIME.

If the SHTF, it will be even more important.

Here’s an example…

Most firearm owners most certainly keep one in the bedroom. This may be the most likely place where you might need emergency access to one… in the middle of the night.

While you’re relaxing during the evening, perhaps watching a TV-show in the living room, ‘what if’ this is the time when your home intrusion goes down… Keep a firearm nearby.

Maybe you spend lots of time at a desk at home, or in another room or basement doing a hobby or maybe a shop area, etc.. Wherever it is, if you spend significant time there, and you own more than one handgun, consider keeping one nearby in each location.

For safety’s sake, and for legality sake in many states, use a safe designed for a handgun. You’ve invested lots of currency to buy your firearms, similarly you should invest in safe keeping for them.

I happen to use this model safe for some of my handguns…
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

Often, the pistol safe can be hidden in plain sight, readily accessible in seconds. They all have mounting holes at the bottom to enable fastening to the floor, or anything secure. Or you could simply choose to set it anywhere without fastening to a surface (just not as burglar proof).

You might place one near your bed – screwed-bolted to the floor (you can go right through the carpet to the sub-flooring), perhaps covered with a fabric (or clothes) to hide the safe’s identity from unsuspecting eyes.

Next to your recliner you might simply set (or attach) to a short bar-stool or small similar dimensioned table while covering it with a fabric so it appears to only be a covered table. Perfect for setting your remote controls on top…

In another room you might set the pistol safe on a shelf with the other items there. Again, cover it with something if you wish to blend in, or you could go so far as to securely attach it.

The bottom line here is simple. If you ever need access to a firearm quickly, your life might depend on those seconds. If you happen to already own several handguns, consider spending some of your paper currency for some hard assets… like an additional pistol safe or two. Keep them in a few locations around the house where you spend more of your time than not. Statistically then, you will stand a better chance IF you ever need it…

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